Imagine this: you order your favorite food online at a local restaurant and it will…cold after half an hour.

How do you feel?

When you are hungry, you can eat it. But you may not be satisfied. For restaurant owners, on the other hand, the best way to solve this situation is to start with the right packaging. 

From the kitchen to the dining room door, keep the food hot, intact and ready for consumption. However, food packaging is not only practical but also safe.Since COVID19, many restaurants have closed their canteens and switched to using tools such as TouchBistro online ordering for takeout and home delivery to protect employees and customers. In fact, since the March 2020 pandemic, online orders have grown even faster. 25%, 78% of consumers order the same or higher frequency online, and 84% of takeout and home delivery believe that packaging is an important factor when ordering. Online ordering system-this means that the correct packaging is essential to attract and retain customers on the go. The difficulty is that there are several factors to consider when choosing food packaging in a restaurant.