Company Profile

CRESCENT PRINTERS, The pioneers in Visiting card grouping print house. This innovative model was the brain child of G. SYED , CEO of the organization. His expertise in printing industry since 1987 enabled his visionary project of Printing Visiting card for Printers. He understood the nuances of printing industry where printing multicolour visiting card was always a challenge even for those who own a Multicolour offset machine. He understood the need of collaboration and hence developed this successful model for Printers. Gradually he enhanced his product to Letter head Printing, Catalogue, Brouchures, Leaflets etc….


1990-Establishment of the Organisation in the name of ‘CRESCENT PRINTERS’

2005 – Collaboration of Visiting card orders from different printers and consolidating into one job which is a frugal innovation eventually saves cost for printers who understand the model but replicating is difficult. The cost saving by this frugal innovation later passed on to the customers, which enabled the organization to take,‘Cost Leadership’, advantage.

2008 – New Branches established all over Chennai with 10 kilometer radius tentatively. The idea is to serve Printers in Chennai near their place. This initiative ensured the organization to acquire 2000 Printers’ customers in Chennai.

2014 – Expanded its wings to reach all over Tamilnadu. The persistent quality and relentless service enabled the organization to establish its foot print all over Tamilnadu. After this exercise the Printers’ customer base increased to 4000 nos.

2017 – Having a huge customer base of 5500 Printer’s Customer further expansion become challenging. The think tank of the organization redirected the strategy to acquire and serve direct customers who will be in need to handle high volume printing jobs. Having established mass production setup for high volume Printing & supply it has become natural for the organization to envisage into ‘direct’ customer segment.


“Change the lifestyle of small & medium size Printers in Chennai by saving their printing cost"


“By the year 2025-26 we intend to serve for 25000 small & medium printers in south indian and change their lifestyle by saving their printing cost"

Who we are

Crescent stepped into the market in the year 1990 in India’s one of the competitive market,Chennai.Today with much pride we can stay that the level we have reached in this 28 yrs is probably for every 3rd business card you receive in chennai from your acquaintances one card will definitely be printed by Crescent Printers…

What we do

We produce business cards on mass scale at a single point. To make the cards available to every one, we have been working on tirelessly in cost reduction in every aspect of Purchase, Printing and Delivery. We pass on the benefit to our clients…